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Repatriation Tax Holiday Doesn't Work As a Highway Trust Fund Offset

With the Highway Trust Fund (HTF) running low and the threat of disrupting highway construction later this summer, lawmakers are scrambling to come

Senate Moves Forward on Increasing Deficit with Tax Extenders

The Senate is moving forward with tax extenders legislation, renewing a variety of

Adding "TRUSTGO" to PAYGO Would Improve the Debt Situation

We have always have been proponents of paying for the costs of policies such as the

Understanding the Difference Between Temporary and Permanent in Budget Scoring

This week, Congress will continue to deliberate if and how t

Lawmakers Must Abide by PAYGO...Here's Why

In recent weeks, we've used our blog to call for strict adherence to pay-as-you-go (PAYGO) principles for
Apr 18, 2011 | Blog Paper Press Release | Taxes

A Special 10/40

In the spirit of Tax Day today the Bottom Line presents its own special “10/40” (don’t worry; we aren’t filing this with th

House Takes Early Steps on Deficit Reduction

The 112th Congress has moved quickly to signal a new focus on fiscal responsibility and attention to our ballooning national debt.