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On the eve of the G-20 in Toronto this weekend, U.S.


Yes, financial markets too are being affected by the World Cup.

MARKETWATCH: June 11, 2010

U.S. financial markets this week have continued to be dominated by global capital seeking a safe haven in U.S.

MARKETWATCH THIS WEEK Is It Good to Be A Safe Haven?

U.S. markets continued to be dominated this week by the continuing roller coaster ride from the Greek (and eurozone) debt crisis.

Marketwatch Update: The US as Safe Haven Returns - but Technical Glitches May Have Also Kicked In

It wasn’t enough that we had a lot of impressive economic news this week (including today’s solidly positive employment numbers –

Market Watch Update: April 26-30

As of mid-day Friday, April 30, the government bond market was on track to have a good week, with prices up (and therefore yields down, because the

Market Watch Update: April 19-23

As of mid-day Friday, April 23, the yield curve looked steeper for the week (that is, interest rates rose on Treasury instruments at the longer end