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Market Watch


The September growth play picked up speed at the end of the week, as markets liked stronger than expected US business investment data from August (

MARKETWATCH: September 13 - 17, 2010

Action this week has been in the stock and currency markets. “Stocks are on a September roll” (Wall Street Journal), as t

MARKETWATCH: September 7-10, 2010

US markets this week continue to reflect a modest growth play despite uninspiring data. Safe haven concerns from abroad and deflation worries

MARKETWATCH: August 30 - September 3

We are heading into the Labor Day weekend with persistent labor market weakness and great uncertainty over the direction of the economy. This is a...


Today’s disappointing employment report (unexpectedly, June was revised downward and July was weak) prompted a Treasury rally, attributed by


The week saw ups and downs of interest in Treasury debt instruments on the margin.  Foreign interest backed off a little

MarketWatch: July 19-23

As of mid-morning Friday, U.S. and overseas markets await the results of the stress tests conducted on European banks, to be released at noon.

MarketWatch: July 12-16

The (brief) stock market rally had dominated trading in the earlier part of the week. However, investor interest in U.S.

MarketWatch July 5-9

Markets are justifiably confused about the strength of the economy: is growth slowing? Is it slowing a lot or just a little?

MARKETWATCH June 28- July 2

Initial market reactions to the June employment report confirms trends over the week.