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Long-Term Outlook Series 2013

We Need More Than $13 Trillion in Deficit Reduction Over the Next 20 Years

In light of CBO's updated long-term projections, and our subs

Introducing CRFB's Latest Long-Term Realistic Baseline

The release of the Congressional Budget Office's (CBO) Long-Term Budget Outlook is one of the big ev

CBO: A Growing Debt Burden Is a Risky Path to Be On

Continuing with CRFB's analysis of CBO's latest long-term bud

Interest Costs in CBO's Long-Term Projections

As part of our blog series on CBO's recent long-term budg

CBO: Social Security Looks Much Worse Than We Thought

Although some argue that policymakers can wait to solve our long-term entitlement problems, CBO's recent

CBO Still Unsure Whether Recent Health Care Slowdown Means Lower Long-Term Growth

Update: The second graph has been corrected to show the correct year for each line.It is no secret that the growth of federal health care...

What Do High Debt Levels Do To Our Economy?

Politicians and economists have long talked about the negative effects of an

What Happened to the Alternative Fiscal Scenario?

Update: CBO has now released its official Alterna

CRFB's Breakdown of the Long-Term Outlook

CBO's Long-Term Budget Outlook is a sizeable 126-page document with tons