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FY 2017 Budget

FY 2017

House Budget Confirms It Takes $8 Trillion to Balance the Budget

The Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 House budget resolution that advanced out of the House Budget Committee last week keeps up the recent tradition of...
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House Budget Would Expand War Spending Gimmick

The Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) designation has often been used to circumvent spending limits, and the budget resolution released by House...
Tom Price

Chairman Price Rolls out the FY 2017 House Budget

House Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price (R-GA) today released the FY 2017 House budget resolution t
House Budget

Rep. Tom McClintock Proposes Changes to Improve Budget Enforcement

As House Republicans continue to discuss the Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 budget resolution, Rep.
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Congress Can Pass Bills to Reduce the Deficit This Year

House Members appear to be resolving a disagreement over what this year’s discretionary spending cap should be. Some House Republicans have...
President Obama

Why the President's Last Budget Will Matter

With the release of the President's FY 2017 budget, it is common for reporters and observers to say that the budget is dead on arrival on Capitol...
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Moving on Up: Interest Costs in the CBO Baseline

With the Congressional Budget Office releasing its final baseline last week, we know the dire fiscal future facing the country. Thanks to...
Budget Process

It Could Take $8 Trillion to Balance the Budget

Tuesday’s release of the topline numbers for this year's Congressional Budget Office (CBO) baseline is a gut punch to congressional budget writers....