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FY 2014 Budget Conference

Not Stepping Backward: CRFB's Paper on Budget Gimmicks

In his recent testimony, CBO directory Doug Elmendorf argued that it would be beneficial for policymakers to make large improvements to our budgeta

The Rumored Aviation Security Fee Increase Explained

A recent CNN Money article suggests that budget conferees are li

Policymakers Must Not Double-Count Retirement Savings

As budget conference committee chairs Patty Murray and Paul Ryan appear to be
Nov 14, 2013 | Blog Paper Press Release | Taxes

The King Plan: A Window Into a "Go Medium" Deal

In addition to CBO director Doug Elmendorf's testimony

Replacing the Sequester With...More Sequester? No Deal

As the budget conference committee works to develop a plan to offset some of the sequester, they may be tempted to use budget gimmicks in place of

CBO Director Lays Out Budget Challenges for Conference Committee

At the second meeting of the budget conference committee earlier today, CBO director

Round 2: The Conferees Convene

The second meeting of the budget conference committee will happen today at 10 AM Eastern time.
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The Senate Democrats' List of Tax Breaks to Axe

It has been one week since the budget conference committee's first meeti

Social Security Should Be Part of the Conversation

All eyes are on the budget conference committee, which has a myriad of options available to consider as it negotiates this year's budget resolution

A Conference Committee Wishlist

With conference committee meetings underway, many are weighi