Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

FY 2013 Budget

Short-Term Deficits May Be Shrinking, But Long-Term Problem Remains

Update: This blog has been updated to include the Mid-Session Review and CBO projections for the 2013 deficit.

(Un)happy Fiscal New Year!

Today, October 1st, marks the first day of the 2014 fiscal year for the government, and the first day of a

The Government Funding Bill: Winners and Losers

The field has been narrowed from 68 to 64 teams, and the NCAA Tournament is ready to kick off in full this afternoon.

Messy Appropriations Process Goes Forward

Update: The Senate Appropriations Committee

Happy Fiscal New Year!

Today, October 1, marks the first day of FY 2013, with FY 2012 now in the history books.

FY 2013 Budget is Settled...For Now

Late last week, the Senate passed a

CR Set to Move Ahead of Shutdown Deadline

For all you can say about the budget process in recent years, at least this time Congress is on track to resolve spending levels ahead of a deadlin

A Deal on Appropriations is Here

After some speculation last week about a compromise being made on appropriations, a de

Re-visiting the President's Budget: OMB's Mid-Session Review

The OMB has released its Mid-Session Review (MSR), essentially a re-estimate of the President's budget taking into new legislative, economic, and t

A Deal on Appropriations Is Near

According to POLITICO's Jake Sherman and John Bresnahan, lawmakers ar