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FY 2012 Budget

Details Emerging About Sen. Conrad's Budget

It's the budget that's been stuck in limbo. Sen.
Jul 5, 2011 | Blog Paper Press Release | Taxes

‘Line’ Items: Independence Day Edition

More Fireworks in Store – Washington, DC celebrated Independence Day on Monday night with its annual fireworks display on th

Senate Armed Services Committee Report

As our nation’s debt continues along its unsustainable path, it has become increasingly essential for a comprehensive fiscal plan that target

‘Line’ Items: Golf Edition

Time ‘Fore’ Action – Golf, that favorite pastime of power players, was even more popular than usual in Washingto

Appropriations Update: More of the Same

In this next installment of our FY 2012 appropriations update, we will detail the actions that the House has taken since our last update on

‘Line’ Items: The Heat is on Edition

Except in Miami – The Miami Heat weren’t hot enough, but Washington saw record temperatures last week.
Jun 6, 2011 | Blog Paper Press Release | Taxes

‘Line’ Items: French Open Edition

Clay Masterpiece – Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer played yet another classic tennis match yesterday, with Nadal once again emerging victorious...
Jun 1, 2011 | Blog Paper Press Release | Taxes

Between the ‘Line’s: Feeling the Heat, Coming Clean, and Disaster Dilemma

Feeling the Heat – As most of us return to work this week nursing sunburns and swapping stories of grilling glory, the heat

Senate Rejects Four Budgets

Yesterday, the Senate voted on four budget resolutions (Sen.

FY 2012 Appropriations Update: The House Is in Motion

Attempting not to replicate last year's/this year's FY 2011 appropriations deba