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FY 2012 Budget

Medicaid Spending Growth At "Near-Record Low" for FY 2012

Though it seems we are far away from reaching a comprehensive debt deal, we can, at least for the moment, breathe a little sigh of relief.  A

Happy Fiscal New Year!

Today, October 1, marks the first day of FY 2013, with FY 2012 now in the history books.

‘Line’ Items: Playoff Edition

Playoffs in Full Swing – The Packers packed it in; the Broncos got busted; the Saints went marching out; and Houston had a problem

Appropriations Update: No Bill Left Behind?

Ever since the three appropriations bills and the temporary continuing resolution (CR) passed Congress last month, lawmakers have refused to consid

Approprations Update: No Drama This Time

After an eleventh-hour deal that included a dramat

Appropriations Update: A Return to Normalcy?

With just a month left to go before the temporary funding for FY 2012 runs out, the Senate is trying a different strategy from the one that has pre

Houses Passes CR, But Unresolved Issues Remain

In what was basically a formality, this morning the House of Representatives

What Congress Needs to Do in the Next Two Weeks

Congress has a long checklist of things it has to do by the end of September.

Agreement on Debt Limit Increase

We have a deal (pending votes, of course).