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FY 2011 Budget

Budget Negotiations: Will Showmanship or Statesmanship Prevail?

The term "shutdown" is being tossed around in Washington as much as "Cinderella" has been on ESPN as of late. Wi

‘Line’ Items: Blossoms Edition

In Bloom – Spring is officially here, though the weather would have one think otherwise.

House Passes Another Short-Term Spending Bill

UPDATE: The Senate passed the House three-week CR by a vote of 87-13, with nine Republicans and four Democrats opposing.
Mar 14, 2011 | Blog Paper Press Release | Taxes

‘Line’ Items: Brackets and Budgets Edition

Brackets – As many busy themselves today going over the brackets for the big tourney, picking the next Cinderella and who wi

Another Short-Term CR?

A short-term continuing resolution (CR) is looking more and more likely each day.

A Tale of Two Spending Bills

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times? Let's just go with the worst of times.

‘Line’ Items: Stopgaps, Limits, Higher Powers and the Moment of Truth

Lots of Stopgaps, Little in Closing the Fiscal Gap – Washington averted a government shutdown last week by

‘Line’ Items: Of Brinkmanship and Statesmanship Edition

Shutting Down Versus Sitting Down – Congress returns to Washington this week after lawmakers spent last week back home.

Short-Term CR Looking More Likely

UPDATE 3/1: House passes two-week CR by vote of 335-91.

‘Line’ Items: Presidents Day Edition

Day of Leaders – Today we celebrate great American leaders with mattress sales and a day off (for some) from work.