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Q&A: Everything You Should Know About Government Shutdowns

Congress faces a number of looming fiscal crises this fall, and the first obstacle is just around the corner -- if lawmakers fail to pass legislati
Sep 24, 2013 | Blog Paper Press Release

The Washington Post on Why We Must Address Long-Term Debt

Yesterday, the Washington Post Editorial Board published
Sep 13, 2013 | Blog Paper Press Release

Event Recap: National Journal Fiscal Fallout Summit

Yesterday, National Journal hosted "
Jul 18, 2013 | Blog Paper Press Release

Fix the Debt Hosts National Fly-In

This week Fix the Debt supporters from around the country visited Washington, DC to ask their representatives to work together and address the n
Jul 18, 2013 | Blog Paper Press Release

The Student Loan Saga Ends?

After weeks of deliberation and two and a half weeks after a key deadline passed, we
Jul 8, 2013 | Blog Paper Press Release

Rivlin Warns More Work is Needed on Debt and Deficits

Former CBO director and CRFB board member Alice Rivlin was
Jul 1, 2013 | Blog Paper Press Release | Taxes

American Public Supports Fiscally Responsible Corporate Tax Reform

Among developed countries the US is unique in taxes in a number of different ways. One claim to fame is the fact that the U.S.

The Debt Won't Magically Solve Itself

Over the past few weeks, we've seen a common argument in favor of

Washington Post Makes the Case for Fiscal Space

When the financial crisis began at the end of 2007, it soon became clear that the government would need to run higher deficits in response.