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The Need for a Deal: Intergenerational Equity

In today's The New York Times, Fix the Debt Steering Committee member Steven Rattner

Event Recap: The Atlantic Economy Summit

The Atlantic held its 2013 Economy Summit yes

The Ryan and Murray Plans Side-by-Side

Trying to determine the actual level of savings in budget proposals can be confusing, as there is no single agreed-upon set of baseline assumptions

The Sequester is a Bad Substitute for Entitlement Reform

Without action by lawmakers to replace or eliminate them, the sequester cuts now in effect are anticipated to significantly reduce spending over th

Ten Things to Look for in the Upcoming Budgets

As we come closer and closer to the season changing to spring, it's also close to budget season.

Senate Sequester Proposals Get Scored

We brought up a couple of weeks ago that there wer

Brookings Rethinks...Natural Disasters, Transportation, Visas & Housing

Our fourth blog on "15 Ways to Rethink the Federal Budget," a new report from the Brookings Institution's Hamilton project exa

Brookings Rethinks and Remakes the Federal Budget

Today, the Hamilton Project at the Brookings Institution will be kicking off its "