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Fiscal Cliff

Polling Shows Americans Want a Deal

With the fiscal cliff inching closer and still no clear deal in sight, a new

Make Your Own Deficit Reduction Plan!

All eyes are on Washington, as we see what the White House and the Congress agree on to avert the fiscal cliff and begin to tackle our d

Confidence Drops in Light of the Fiscal Cliff

Now only three weeks away from the fiscal cliff,  

Line Items: Overtime Edition

Crunch Time – The Washington Redskins kept their playoff hopes alive with a come-from-behind victory in sudden-death overtime over

What We Hope To See From the Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

In recent weeks, we've heard a lot about what each side is willing to do to avoid the fiscal cliff, but not nearly enough about how lawmakers inten

Third Way on Why Low Interest Rates Won't Last

It may be true currently that although our national debt has been growing rapidly, interest rates are low.

Taxpayers for Common Sense Lay Out Their Plan

Yesterday, Taxpayers for Common Sense sent a

Alan Simpson Appears on the Daily Show

Fiscal Commission co-chair Alan Simpson appeared last night on "The Daily Show" to talk about

Line Items: December Doldrums Edition

Blue Christmas? – December can be a depressing time for many.