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Fiscal Cliff

The Economic Effects of Avoiding (Much of) the Fiscal Cliff

Update: CBO confirmed our numbers today, finding a remaining fiscal contrac

How Does the Budget Look Now?

After a tense few days, or weeks for that matter, lawmakers have enacted a fiscal cliff package -- the A

The House Passes the Fiscal Cliff Deal

Last night, the House passed the fiscal cliff package already agreed upon by the Senate, by a

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in the Fiscal Cliff Package

Last night, the Senate voted on and approved a package to avert most components of the fiscal cliff, which we took

Wonkblog's "Choose Your Own Fiscal Cliff Adventure"

While Speaker Boehner and President Obama attempt to bridge their differences in the fiscal cliff negotiations, you can try your hand at creating a

The Looming Nightmare for the IRS and Taxpayers

The Internal Revenue Service has continued to warn Congress of the administrat

Fitch Warns of Possible Downgrade as We Approach the Fiscal Cliff

With time running out for a deal, the U.S. credit rating may be in jeopardy if lawmakers don't reach a compromise to replace the fiscal cliff.

Fiscal Cliff Watch: White House and GOP Make Counteroffers

With the fiscal cliff only two weeks away and the upcoming holiday season, negotiations for replacing the fiscal cliff with a sensible deficit redu

Line Items: Back-Up Edition

Monday Morning Quarterbacking – The Washington Redskins stayed in playoff contention Sunday with back-up quarterback Kirk Co