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Fiscal Cliff


David Walker: It is time to confront fiscal failure

David Walker is a former Comptroller General of the United States (head of the U.S.

Stimulus Provisions Updated: Extended or Not?

The economic stimulus package enacted in 2009 is now four years behind us.

The Latest Official Sequester Numbers

On Friday, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released its latest detailed

How the Sequester Looks After the Fiscal Cliff Deal

Along with a two month delay until March 1, the fiscal cliff deal reduce

The Fiscal Speed Bumps Ahead

Although labeled as the "fiscal cliff deal," the American T

A Roundup of Our Analysis on the Fiscal Cliff Package

Over the past week, CRFB has examined the composition, budgetary effects, and economic effects of the American Taxpayer Relief Act (ATRA), which...

Al Simpson and Erskine Bowles on Meet The Press

While the American Taxpayer Relief Act has put off worries about the fiscal cliff for a month, it is clear that we missed a clear opportunity to do

Eight Things You Didn't Know Were In the Fiscal Cliff Deal

The American Taxpayer Relief Act has been discussed at length in the news and

The Post-Deal Long Term Outlook

So far, we have analyzed the fiscal cliff deal by looking at the good, the b