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On the President's Spending Cuts....

Yesterday -- citing CRFB's work -- The Stephen Di

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In a blog post earlier this w

What Happened to the President's Spending Cuts?

Yesterday, on the heels of President Obama signing a $1.1 trillion "minibus" CRFB released a paper on the importance of controlling...

The Grassroots Talk Fiscal Stewardship

Citizens from across the country had a message yesterday for lawmakers: we are working together to solve our fiscal challenges, why can’t you

Bad Budget Concepts and The Case of Student Loans

Sometimes, the way we score certain items in the budget leads to sub-optimal policy choices. For example, as we explained recently, the long-term...

$98 Billion Wasted

Government agencies misspent over $98 billion last year, $26 billion more than was wasted the previous year, the

Freezing Discretionary Spending...

UPDATE: Stan Collender thinks we might be making ice mountains out of snow hills.According to a number of news reports, President Obama has begun...

President Signs $121 Billion Farm Bill

Yesterday, President Obama signed the Agriculture

What About Cutting Spending?

In their oped in the Washington Post today, Henry Aaron and Isabel Sawhill argue that raising taxes will be necessary to close the fiscal gap and...