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2015’s Fiscal Follies and Reasons for Hope

It’s the end of the year and like so many organizations, CRFB wanted to share with you our top 10 list: a look back at Congress’s 10 top fiscal ach

Update: Fiscal Speed Bumps

Congress sped through this year's second and third "Fiscal Speed Bumps" in March, ignoring the return of the statutory debt limit (though the hard...
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House and Senate Budgets Don't Balance in 2025 With Enacted Legislation

The House and Senate are going to a conference committee to reconcile the differences between their budget resolutions, but legislative developments...
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SGR Bill Triggers Several Rule Violations

We have described at length the fiscal irresponsibility of the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) reform bill (H.R. 2) working its way through Congress...

PAYGO or No-Go: An Easy Way for Congress to Improve the SGR Bill

There's a simple way to make the $141 billion House-passed Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) bill more fiscally responsible: don't...
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The Basics of the SGR Replacement Bill

The Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula returned yesterday with 21 percent cuts to Medicare physician payments, although the actual effect won'...

The Path to $165 Billion of Savings

We have spent much space on this blog highlighting the fact that temporary delays of the cuts dictated by Medicare's Sustainable Growth Rate (...

No, the SGR Replacement Bill is Not Fiscally Responsible

Despite official estimates tabbing the Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula replacement bill at a cost of $141 billion this decade and...
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SGR Bill Would Add $500 Billion to Long-Term Debt

Earlier today, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its score of the Medicare Sustaintable Growth Rate (SGR) reform bill under...