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Disability Insurance

Adding "TRUSTGO" to PAYGO Would Improve the Debt Situation

We have always have been proponents of paying for the costs of policies such as the

CBO's Social Security Projections

In CBO's 2014 Budget and Economic Outlook released this week, they addressed the future of the federal government's largest program, Social ...

Explaining the "Double-Dipping" Provision

As the Senate looks for offsets for an unemploym

New Report Finds Abuse of Disability Insurance System

Earlier this week, the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs

Making Disability Insurance Work Better

Naturally, lawmakers are diverting their attention to resolving sequestration, the debt ceiling, and the expiring continuing resolution, but anothe

Boskin Underscores the Need for DI Reform

With all of the new developments in tax reform it may be easy to forget about entitlements.

CATO Event: "Disability Insurance: The New Welfare?"

Yesterday, the CATO Institute hosted a panel discussion featuring CATO Se