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Treasury Reports $399 Billion Deficit in May as COVID-19 Relief Continues

The United States budget deficit for the month of May totaled $399 billion, bringing the deficit thus far for fiscal year 2020 to $1.88 trillion,...

Treasury Will Borrow $3 Trillion in Just Three Months

The Department of the Treasury yesterday estimated that the second quarter of 2020 will see a record-breaking $3 trillion in borrowing, as the...
U.S. Debt Clock

Treasury: 2019 Deficit was $984 Billion

The Treasury Department released final budget numbers for Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 today, showing
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Treasury: 2018 Deficit was $779 Billion

The Treasury Department today released a fiscal year-end report

One-Month T-Bill Shows Market Skittishness

As we continue to approach the October 17 deadline when the Treasury Department estimat

GAO: The Debt Limit Fight Cost the Treasury $1.3 Billion

With the debt ceiling projected to come back in play somet
Jun 1, 2011 | Blog Paper Press Release | Taxes

Between the ‘Line’s: Feeling the Heat, Coming Clean, and Disaster Dilemma

Feeling the Heat – As most of us return to work this week nursing sunburns and swapping stories of grilling glory, the heat

Treasury Begins Extraordinary Measures

Update 5/16: Today, Treasury has reached the legal limit on how much debt it can issue at $14.294 trillion.