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Chained CPI

Again on the Facts of the Chained CPI

It's amazing how sequences in Washington can repeat themselves. 

Momentum Continues to Grow for the Chained CPI

The chained CPI, a policy option that has been endorsed by experts, organizations

Bipartisan Support for the Chained CPI

Talk of switching to the chained CPI for all inflation indexed elements of the federal budget has continued

The Facts on the Chained CPI

Coverage of the so-called "chained CPI" has been heating up recently, due to rumors that it might be included in the latest round of debt

It's Time to Measure Inflation Correctly

Today, the Moment of Truth project released a

Third Way Introduces New Social Security Reform Plan

Yesterday, the organization Third Way released a plan outlining several Social Security

More on COLAs (and the CPI-E)

Following Friday's announcement by the Social Security Trustees that there would be no automatic increase for Social Security benefits in 2011 and

Another Price Index, Brought to You by Google

For most, the world of inflation statistics can be mind-numbing.  Economists have developed a variety of indices.

Estimates of the Wyden-Gregg Tax Reform Bill

A few months back, we discussed a comprehensive proposal by Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR)&nb