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Chained CPI

The President's Proposed Chained CPI Protections

Much of the early debate surrounding President Obama’s FY 2014 budget concerns his inclusion of the

NYT Gets It Wrong on the Chained CPI

The New York Times has an editorial criticizing switching to the

Updated Report: The Case for the Chained CPI

Earlier this month, we reported on CBO’s updated cost estima

Chained CPI Estimated to Reduce Deficit by $340 Billion

We've written extensively on the chained CPI, which represent

Line Items: Hockey Edition

Dropping the Puck – The NHL season is finally underway, and it only took the Washington Capitals five games to get a win.

More Support for the Chained CPI

We've talked before about the rational behind implementing the chained CPI, that the current index (CPI-W) does not incorporate substitution effect

Your One-Stop Shop for Information on the Chained CPI

Because there has been a lot of talk about the chained CPI lately, CRFB has created a brand new "

Robert Greenstein Answers Critics on Chained CPI

The chained CPI has been receiving much attention lately after being included in the