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Johnson and Larson Show Two Ways to Fix Social Security

Yesterday, House Ways and Means Social Security Subcommittee Ranking Member John Larson (D-CT) introduced a
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The Social Security COLA for 2017 Has Been Announced

Today the Social Security Administration (SSA) announced the cost-of-living

Measuring Inflation Right Saves $375 Billion

According to the latest CBO Budget Options report, adopting the chained CPI – an inflation index that most economists believe is a more...

How Low Could Debt Go?

We talked last week about several policies making their first appearance in the Pre

SSA Announces New COLA

Yesterday, the Social Security Administration announced that beneficiaries will be rec

Orlando Sentinel: Make Social Security Part of Budget Solution

While many in Washington are bracing for more partisan brinksmanship in the upcoming negotiations over the debt ceiling and a potential governmen

Ways and Means Committee Continues Work on Entitlement Reform

While everyone is focused on tax reform developments these days, we cannot forget about the need for entitlement reform.

Martin Neil Baily and Glenn Hubbard Make A Case for Chained CPI

Two former Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors, Martin Neil Baily of the Clinton Administration and Glenn Hubbard of the Bush Administrati