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Announcement Effect Club

Snowpocalypse Doesn’t Stop Announcement Effect Club from Growing

Fearless economists braved the Washington snow this week to walk through the doors of the

Economists Explain the Announcement Effect

In a recent economic study, André Meier, Giancarlo Corsetti, and Gernot Müller found that announcing significant fiscal retrenchment (ie deficit...

Tim Geithner Joins the 'Announcement Effect Club'!

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geither has just joined CRFB's 'Announcement Effect

CRFB’s new “Announcement Effect Club” Is Popular

Roll out the red carpet and velvet rope, CRFB’s new list of prominent economists, organizations, and opinion leaders that have joined us in s

Announcing the "Announcement Effect Club"

Since CRFB called for a Fiscal Recovery Plan in July, a growing number of