Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget


The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget runs a number of ongoing projects that focus on policy analysis, public education, Congressional outreach, and coalition building, all with the goal of promoting responsible fiscal and economic policy in a non-partisan manner.

COVID Money Tracker

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has led to an unprecedented economic and public health crisis, but also an unparalleled response. Already, policymakers have approved trillions of dollars of spending, tax cuts, loans, grants, subsidies, and other measures through legislation, executive action, and the Federal Reserve. With such large commitments, the public deserves to know how their dollars are being spent. COVID Money Tracker will track every significant financial action taken to address the current crisis and then follow the dollars over time to provide valuable information on how much has been disbursed (or paid back) and to whom.

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FixUS Initiative

FixUS seeks to better understand the root causes of our nation’s growing  divisions and deteriorating political system, to work with others to bring attention to these issues and the need to fix them, and to build support for necessary changes. We are part of a coalition of individuals and organizations with diverse perspectives, united in a shared concern over the state of our country, and committed to make healing our fractured nation and fixing the system a top national priority.

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U.S. Budget Watch

Too often, election campaigns are about telling voters what they want to hear rather than what they need to know. US Budget Watch 2020 will bring information and accountability to the 2020 presidential campaign by analyzing candidates' proposals, factchecking their claims, and scoring the fiscal cost of their agendas. By injecting an impartial, fact-based approach into the national conversation, US Budget Watch 2020 will help voters to better understand the implications of the candidates' policies and encourage candidates to be transparent in showing how their promises will ultimately be paid for.

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Fix the Debt Campaign

Fix the Debt is a nonpartisan organization that is educating Americans about rising national debt and how it will affect all of us. We are mobilizing Americans from all backgrounds to urge policymakers to work together on a comprehensive solution that includes bipartisan government spending and tax reform.


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Budgeting for the Next Generation

Budgeting for the Next Generation reviews federal programs for children and assesses how our youth fare in the federal budget and the budget process. Papers and other products published in this series show that federal spending on children comprises a relatively small and declining share of the budget despite the needs of the population and the economic benefits of investing in future generations, as rising adult entitlements and debt service payments crowd out this spending. Future publications will also explore how changes to the budget process could improve outcomes for children. 

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Fiscal FactCheck

Fiscal FactCheck holds candidates and policymakers accountable by fact checking their statements related to fiscal matters. 

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Fiscal Institute

The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget’s Fiscal Institute houses a number of policy projects on a wide variety of fiscal, economic and political topics. The Fiscal Institute’s purpose is to generate, in a depoliticized environment, a variety of creative, new and academically sound ideas and to share them with a wide and diverse audience. The projects undertaken by the Fiscal Institute are intended to be more long-term and forward-thinking, and to generate new research, policy ideas, forums and networks in order to help to improve our economic and political systems.

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